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The Titan Diamond Tools Tool Case is a premium storage solution designed to house your diamond tools. With 21 different sized inserts and eight heavy-duty storage pockets, it provides ample space for all your tools. Sold empty, this case offers you the flexibility to arrange your tools as you see fit. Durable and customizable, it’s the ideal companion for any tiling job.

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The Ultimate Storage Solution For Your Diamond Tools

The Titan Diamond Tools Tool Case is a  product that redefines organization and storage for your diamond tools. This robust case is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while providing a safe and secure home for your valuable tools. The case comes with 21 versatile inserts of varying sizes, accommodating everything from diamond core bits and finger bits to conical milling bits.

From the smallest 25mm diameter slots (inserts #1-8) to the largest 127mm slot (insert #21), each insert is meticulously designed to fit different tool sizes. The case also features eight heavy-duty storage pockets for additional tools, providing extra space and flexibility.

This empty tool case offers you the freedom to customize your storage solution based on your specific needs. Whether you're a professional tiler or a DIY enthusiast, the Titan Diamond Tools Tool Case is the perfect way to keep your tools organized, protected, and readily available.